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Now, you can search the TA Translation Memory including more than 72,000 translation units from reliable resources in different areas.

Publish your translations at Translators Avenue.
You can publish your translations at Translators Avenue. Please feel free to send them to us: contact *at* translatorsavenue.com


About TA

TranslatorsAvenue.com aims at giving professional models of translation in different fields in order to help potential translators gain more experience through studying such models, and assist professional translators in their specialized jobs.


How to use the website:

The Home Page shows translations from English to Arabic. However, you can navigate translations from Arabic to English by selecting AR->EN from the drop-down menu at the top of the page then clicking "Go".

The website is categorised into different sections according to the field of translation. Clicking on a category from the red menu (or a sub-category from the grey menu, if any) displays all the translations belonging to this category. 

To display all translations translated by a specific translator, just click on his/her name.

All translations published at TranslatorsAvenue.com are protected by translators’ copyrights. It is strictly forbidden to use, copy or publish all or part of a translation without the prior written consent by its translator.


How to use the online Translation Memory:

Coming soon! You can try its beta at: http://translatorsavenue.com/translation_memory.php


Who can use:

Everyone interested in translation and everyone needs to improve his/her translation skills in general or in any translation field.


How to publish:

If you would like to publish your translations at TranslatorsAvenue.com, please feel free to send them to contact (at) TranslatorsAvenue.com. Please remember that only excellent translations may be published. The card of the translator is to be attached to his/her translation(s) showing his/her name, email address and website or CV. Translations between Arabic and ALL other languages are welcome.


If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.


TA Manager: Yasmin M. M.
TA Content Administrator: Rania Sha'ban
TA Senior Developer: Abdelrahman Abdallah


Kind Regards,
TranslatorsAvenue Team






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