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You can publish your translations at Translators Avenue. Please feel free to send them to us: contact *at* translatorsavenue.com


The King of Love

Thomas Frederick Crane
ONCE upon a time there was a man with three daughters, who earned his living by gathering wild herbs. One day he took his youngest daughter with him. They came to a garden, and began to gather vegetables. ...

ملك الحب

ترجمة: محمد عبد الفتاح
يُحكى أن رجلا كان له ثلاث بنات وكان يكسب رزقه بجمع ما تجود به الطبيعة من أعشاب، وفي أحد الأيام اصطحب ابنته الصغرى ثم درجا إلى حديقة وبدءا في جني الخضروات. ...

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